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Flower dessert plate
Louis XV dinner plate on lace plate
Pearled candy dish on lace plate
Bowl with daisies motif
Flower dessert plate
Louis XV dinner plate on lace plate
Pearled candy dish on lace plate
Bowl with daisies motif

Brighten up your table

Artisanal faience in the heart of Provence

Since 1995, Atelier Soleil has been making faience pottery entirely by hand in Moustiers, according to centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship.
Refined table setting from Atelier Soleil

Dressing a perfect table

Located in Moustiers Sainte-Marie, one of the most beautiful villages in France, Atelier Soleil is among the oldest ceramic workshops in Provence. Discover its light and luminous faience earthenware: whether it is a traditional design or a contemporary creation, each piece is entirely handmade.

Each season, master faience maker Franck Scherer designs new pieces that adorn the most beautiful tables, including those of the world’s most Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse.

Earth, fire, and magic

From the rough red clay to the smooth sparkling faience, there are only three ingredients: water, earth, and fire. But the delicate alchemy requires a perfect mastery of a centuries-old craft, which calls for molding, throwing, casting, glazing, festooning, decorating, and cooking.

Custodian of traditional pottery techniques and handicrafts, the Atelier Soleil faience maker knows that every piece that comes out of his kiln is unique and bears his invisible fingerprints.
Faience plates and cups from Atelier Soleil

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Our favorite faience

Will they be yours too?
Flower dessert plate
Colorful and flowery, our dessert plate is just delicious.
Decorated artichoke flowerpot

Useful and playful, our flowerpot camouflages as an artichoke.

Raised vegetables platters

Our vegetable platters look forward to serving your best dishes.

Decorated Sceaux plates

Wow effect guaranteed with our reissue of these Sceaux plates.

Franck Scherer, Atelier Soleil's master faience maker, and Géraldine Dorche

The story of a real passion

In 1979, Tonia and Claude Peyrot created the Atelier de Ségriès in Moustiers, an earthenware workshop that acquired international fame in just a few years. When they sold it in 1992, their son Franck Scherer, passionate about faience and having mastered the craft, decided to launch his own atelier. In 1995, Franck and Géraldine Dorche launched together the Atelier Soleil.

Franck is the master craftsman, Géraldine manages the business, and highly-trained decorators paint the faience by hand. Whether Franck works on traditional pieces, creates new designs and forms, or completes a client’s special order, he always uses centuries-old techniques, with absolute respect for his art.

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